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Express Workouts

Remember, your first class is always FREE! Single drop-in classes are $15/per and class packs are available. Please click here to see our schedule!

In just 30 minutes you will target and transform specific muscle groups. Hit it fast and hit it hard!

  • Pure Core: Amazing Abs & More!: 30 minutes devoted to tightening and toning your entire core: abs, back and everything between! Never do the same routine! Give your midsection a makeover!
  • Fast & Furious Spin: Feel the need for speed! Cardio intensive ride with sprints, jumps and more sprints! 45 minute express workout.
  • Drop Dead Legs: Develop Drop Dead Legs with this 30 minute target workout which will vary weekly to strengthen, tighten and tone your butt to your toes!
  • Power UP TRX: Yes you can do push ups! Get lean, toned arms, back and shoulders with this 30 minute targeted TRX workout for your upper body.




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