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MIXXed Classes

Remember, your first class is always FREE! Single drop-in classes are $15/per and class packs are available. Please click here to see our schedule!


These specialized combo classes will keep your muscles moving and your mind motivated!

  • Kick Punch Crunch: Kick punch crunch your way to a tighter, leaner, and stronger body!!! Basic kick boxing moves with strength & cardio bursts between.
  • 60 MIXXed Minutes: Work your way through a variety of plyometric, isometric and strength training exercises! TRX, Kettle Bells, Kick, Spin…”MIXXed” weekly to provide variety & optimal results just in time for summer!
  • Jump & PUMP: Keep your heart rate at your working while you jump rope for timed intervals. Between intervals complete strength training sets. Fun way to get and stay fit!
  • Run Strong: Calling all novice runners! Ready to get in shape for a 5K? Join us and run a little, walk a little, lift a little sweat a lot!
  • Cardio Calorie Crusher: 60 minutes of cardio! Class format varies weekly, but your intense calorie burn stays consistent! Great class to bust out of a rut or avoid a fitness plateau! Modifications offered for beginners. Burn baby burn!
  • Beach Body Boot Camp: Cardio, strength and toning for your best beach body yet! Class format varies weekly. Modifications provided. All levels welcome!


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