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Personal Training

An important goal of MIXX Fitness is to create a community of individuals working together to improve their health & quality of life.  We do not discourage, exclude or deny any individuals the opportunity to get fit! When you try a MIXX class, you will discover that “Getting Fit Can Be Fun!”

Melissa Sciotto

Trainer, Instructor & Owner, MIXX Fitness

MIXX Fitness offers a personal training approach to group fitness!  A big part of who we are is in our name!  Motivational Inspirational Exercise Experts.  All of our instructors are all personal trainers, passionate about exercise, and give each client the attention and instruction they require.  As our name implies, we believe in a MIXXed approach to fitness and programs that are MIXXed regularly to avoid any plateaus and provide optimal results.  You will see the schedule changes monthly and your body will continue to see changes too as you try new classes and new moves to improve your overall performance and fitness level.  Our programs are created with ALL levels in mind.

Personal Training:
30 Minutes – $45
1 Hour – $75

Buddy Training:
30 Minutes – $80
1 Hour – $120

Group Training (3+ People):
30 Minutes – $120
1 Hour – $200


The following trainers are available to help you meet your fitness goals! 



Melissa Sciotto

Melissa is the founder of MIXX Fitness. Her strengths include Spin, TRX, Total Body Fusion classes and the ability to keep workouts fun and fresh! Melissa offers Fitness Fundraisers and Fitness Parties for all occasions. Contact her for details.Melissa.sciotto@yahoo.com

Mary Kiernan

In addition to teaching Spin, Mary is also a Personal Trainer, and interested in meeting new clients at MIXX! Contact Mary for more information at marybkiernan@comcast.net

Chelsea Nader

Chelsea is an amazing yoga instructor as well as a talented TRX teacher.   She enjoys working with students to take their performance to the next level. Her classes will challenge and inspire you to be your best! Chelsea is accepting personal training clients as well.

Dorothy Raimondo

Dorothy has been teaching group fitness classes for years!  She enjoys teaching Pilates and Pilates fusion classes as well as being our expert on Senior Fitness. Dorothy’s attitude and experience make her classes exceptional.


Stacey Hollenberg

Stacey has returned to fitness after having her two children. She is passionate about helping others take time for themselves and improve their fitness level. In addition to teaching Jump & Pump, MIXXed Drills and MIXX In Motion, Stacey is also seeking new personal training clients! Contact her for more details. Staceyhollenberg@mac.com

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