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Indoor Cycling

Remember, your first class is always FREE! Single drop-in classes are $15/per and class packs are available. Please click here to see our schedule!

  • SpinningCore Cycle: 45 minutes of Spin focusing on core stability and strength, followed by a 15 minute core workout to engage your total core.
  • Fast & Furious Spin: Feel the need for speed! Cardio intensive ride with sprints, jumps and more sprints! 45 minute express workout.
  • Spinterval Training: Spin intervals MIXXed with a variety of strength training. On and off the bike…get ready to blast through plateaus and burn mega calories all by 6:30am!
  • Spin MIXX MAX: 60 minutes of spin incorporating arm exercises, core training, sprint intervals and more!! MIXXed to the MAX!
  • Suspension & Spin: TRX and Spin: MIXXed ClassCardio workout and total body strength conditioning. Perfect Pair!! Great class for beginners of both Spin and TRX and always a great workout for all levels.


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